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St. Valentine’s Day is an important romantic holiday for millions of Christian people of all ages, races, and nationalities. It’s a celebration of love observed annually on February 14. Everyone in love has a chance to express their feelings and give presents to the ones they are attached to. People express their feelings in the form of sophisticated Valentine’s cards.

These lovely valentines are recognized as the true symbol of the holiday. They contain passionate messages for the ones who are called sweeties, honeys, and darlings. The picture of Cupid and small red hearts create positive emotions. Birds are another symbol of the holiday.

The history of St. Valentine’s Day is rather dark and sad. In ancient Rome, many men had no desire to become soldiers. Emperor Claudius II ordered the execution of many males because of their strong attachments to women that prevented them from performing their military duties.

Valentine was a priest, he secretly performed weddings for the couples who we not allowed to be married. The Emperor did not like it and the priest was executed.

The Catholic Church honored the martyrdom of the priest Valentine with the observance of this religious holiday. There are many other stories and legends about him.

Today, St. Valentine’s Day is popular in many countries. People give chocolates, fresh roses, and other gifts to their loved ones, including friends, and family members. They share heart-warming messages with one another to show their deep love and respect. Loving couples are excited about having fun together. They decorate their homes and organize romantic dinners. Usually, party arrangements are made in advance. In different countries, these celebrations are different, because they incorporate the local customs and traditions.

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