Text in English with audio “My Apartment (My Flat)”

English text with audio Level A2

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We live in a 12-story building in the central part of the city. Let me tell you about our apartment.

We live on the second floor, so usually we do not use the elevator. There are four rooms in the apartment – my parents’ room, my little brother’s room, the room where I live, and the living room. There are also, of course, a cozy kitchen and a bathroom.

The kitchen is small, but, as I said before, quite cozy. There is a stove, fridge, kettle, microwave, table and chairs there. We also have a lot of kitchen utensils such as knives, ladles and so on. There is my mom’s portrait hanging on the wall. The portrait is very good, my father drew it many years ago when they met.

The biggest room in the apartment is the living room. This is where we watch TV in the evening, my little brother plays videogames there. My parents’ room is also big, and they have their own TV. If my brother or I, want to watch something they do not watch, they might let us use the living room TV and watch their favorite show in their room. They love police procedurals, I like fantasy series, and my brother likes cartoons. My brother has a small room. There is a big closet full of toys and Lego there. My room is not big either, I have a computer desk. This is where I do my homework.

As for the bathroom, there is not just a toilet and bathtub, there is also a cat litter box there. We have a cat, her name is Lilly, and she does not have a room, because the whole apartment is her room.

We’ve been living in this apartment since I was little, and I really like it. When I move out someday, I hope I will live in an apartment like this one.

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