Text in English with audio “Hollywood”

English text with audio Level A2

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Hollywood is a famous place in the United States known for making movies and stars. It is located in Los Angeles, California. People from all over the world love to watch Hollywood movies because they are exciting and full of adventures.

In Hollywood, there are big studios where talented actors and actresses work. They perform in front of cameras, and their performances entertain people worldwide. Many Hollywood stars are famous all around the globe.

Hollywood movies are made with high-quality technology, and they have fantastic special effects. Some movies are about superheroes, while others are about love stories or funny adventures. People of all ages can enjoy Hollywood movies.

Moreover, Hollywood is also a great place for tourists to visit. Many visitors go there to see famous landmarks and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where stars’ names are written on the pavement.

Hollywood is a magical place where dreams come true, and amazing movies are made. It brings joy and entertainment to people worldwide.

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