Dialogue in English with audio “The supermarket is closed”

English Dialogue with Audio Level A1

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– Jeff, I’m going to the supermarket. Do you want to come with me?

– I think the supermarket is closed now.

– Oh, when does it close?

– It closes at 7:00 on Sundays.

– That’s too bad.

– Don’t worry, we can go tomorrow morning. It opens at 8:00.

– Alright. What do you want to do now?

– Lets take a walk for a half an hour. My sister will be here at about 8:30 pm and then we can all go out to dinner.

– Where does she live?

– She lives in San Francisco.

– How long has she lived there?

– I think she’s lived there for about 10 years.

– That’s a long time. Where did she live before that?

– San Diego.

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